Scottish Wild Salmon Company
The Bothy
Montrose ANGUS
DD10 9SG
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  Scottish Wild Salmon Company
Established 1960
The Scottish Salmon Company - Usan Salmon Fisheries
  Usan Salmon Fisheries - Scottish Wild Salmon Company  

Four generations of Salmon netsmen

Our family business has been established since 1960. Usan Salmon Fisheries Ltd, operating through its brand name 'Scottish Wild Salmon Company' are now one of the last salmon companies in Scotland operating several netting
stations along the Angus Coast from Montrose to Arbroath (the birthplace of the famous 'Arbroath Smokie' ) as well as Murkle/Castlehill on the North Coast and Gardenstown in the Moray Firth.

We catch prime condition wild salmon and sea trout in an environmentally friendly manner using traditional methods. We operate both bag and jumper nets that help prevent damage to the fish and so ensure that the product we supply is of the highest quality. The wild salmon and seatrout we catch are the harvest of some of Scotland's finest East and North Coast rivers.

We specialise in supplying to the trade, but our customer base is vast, ranging from individuals to the finest smoke houses in the United Kingdom. Our wild salmon and sea trout are sold throughout the UK and Europe where they can be found gracing the tables of some of the most famous hotels and restaurants.

Scottish Wild Salmon Company - Usan Salmon fisheries

Traditional products, traditional quality

The migrating wild salmon and sea trout are harvested on a maximum of five days per week throughout the season thereby ensuring sustainability of stock.Usan Salmon Fisheries offer only premium locally netted wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout across the season, we also have a percentage of the season catch smoked thereby enabling us to supply top quality wild smoked salmon and sea trout during the remainder of the year.

Only the most succulent flesh of the fish is retained in our highly praised wild smoked salmon and sea trout products. The "bars of silver" we catch at sea are transformed into the smoked product using only salt for curing and oak chips for smoking, maintaining centuries old traditions. This gives the fish its distinctive flavour, aroma and texture.

We at Usan Salmon Fisheries pride ourselves in high quality produce. We personally supervise all aspects of production from catch to dispatch helping to
ensure that the fish remain in optimum condition on arrival at their destination. Our family company exemplifies "quality without compromise".

Safeguarding the future
As part of our commitment to quality and in recognition of the uniqueness of our product, we have also been successful in having Scottish Wild Salmon
awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status being recognised as an EU Protected Food Name. Following a stringent application process, we are delighted that the finest of indigenous Scottish produce, Scottish Wild Salmon, has been awarded this distinguished accreditation. We are keen for the
distinctive nature and quality of the salmon to be preserved for consumers and that is the reason why we have pursued this renowned benchmark.

The salmon and indeed our long established Scottish industry, with its traditional skills and crafts, should be safeguarded for future generations to
enjoy as part of Scotland's proud heritage. The award of PGI status provides long overdue recognition for both the salmon and the few remaining Scottish salmon netters.

PGI accreditation is fitting for a product of such unequalled quality and uniqueness. Using the logo, in conjunction with our distinctive branded security
carcass tags, customers around the world will be further protected from cheap poor quality imitations, offering further assurance that they are buying the very finest Scottish produce.

Scottish Wild Salmon Company- Usan Salmon Fisheries

Established 1960

Scottish Wild Salmon Company - Usan Salmon Fisheries